What the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Exposed: The Findings of Five Global Health Workforce Professions

Publication date 26 March 2023 Category
  • Communicable Diseases
  • COVID-19
  • Framework
  • Health
  • Health Systems
  • Pandemic
  • Social
  • Workforce
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a framework to measure the impact of COVID-19 in four domains, including health, social and well-being, availability and distribution, and working conditions. This holistic framework aims to guide recovery plans and develop the health and care workforce at national and global levels. The study compared the experiences of dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and physiotherapists during the pandemic using information from the World Health Professions Alliance organizations.

This evidence synthesis describes the impact of COVID-19 on the five professions varied in common and different ways. The individual organizational findings of the World Health Professions Alliance organizations informed the five key themes and subsequent recommendations, with the goal of providing generalizable applicability for future data collection efforts.