The Rehabilitation of People with Amputations

Publication date 1 January 2004 Category
  • Amputees
  • Amputees
  • Rehabilitation
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

This manual presents information for healthcare personnel who provide care for people with amputations, e.g., mid-level rehabilitation personnel , nurses and doctors and for people who have had amputations and for their families. The content of the manual focuses on the activites a person with an amputation performs without a prosthesis (artificial limb), the basic components of a prosthesis for upper and lower limbs, and the basic training for use of the prosthesis. The manual gives information about training for self-care activities, but does not include training for household or work activities. It presents information about prostheses that is useful for the general health care personnel, as well as for people with amputations, but does not provide information on making or evaluating a prosthesis. The content of this manual can be used in training health care personnel and can also serve as a reference for personnel working with people who have amputations. The manual, or parts of it, may be used by people with amputations and their family members for general information and as a guide to daily activities