Responding internationally to disasters: A do’s and dont’s guide for rehabilitation professionals

Publication date 1 March 2016 Category
  • Conflicts and disasters
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistance
  • Conflicts and Disasters
  • Rehabilitation
Publishing organisation Humanity Inclusion

When disasters strike, there is always a huge amount of goodwill from rehabilitation professionals around the world who wish to use their skills to support those affected. This brief guidance informs those who are considering responding internationally to a disaster either as individuals or as part of a team. It highlights key questions to consider before departing, whilst working in the disaster area, and on returning home. Responses to these questions considered are presented as “Do’s and Don’ts” which are exemplified by recommended practices and those to avoid in the real case studies below. The guidance note is not intended to be a step-by-step or technical guide, nor is it exhaustive, and does not supersede any specific guidance provided by your own global professional body.