Rehabilitation matters – The appeal made by people in conflict-affected areas

Publication date 16 May 2024 Category
  • Conflicts and disasters
  • Assistive Technology
  • Conflicts and Disasters
  • Disability
  • Displaced Persons
  • Health Systems
  • Inclusion
  • Rehabilitation
Publishing organisation Humanity Inclusion

This resource highlights the lived experiences of seven individuals from Colombia, Iraq, and Lao PDR who have faced significant challenges in accessing rehabilitation and assistive technology in conflict-affected areas. The individuals come from various backgrounds, including victims of explosive weapons, internally displaced people, persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Their stories collectively call for urgent action to improve the availability and quality of these essential services. The resource outlines key recommendations for public authorities, international organisations, and humanitarian and development actors to address these needs. It also provides contextual facts and data to underscore the broader social, political, and economic factors influencing rehabilitation and assistive technology access.