Provision of wheelchairs in Tajikistan: economic assessment of alternative options (2019)

Publication date 1 January 2019 Category
  • Assistive technology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Finance
  • Wheelchair
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation DOI ISBN: 9789289054041

Abstract from the publication “This publication presents the results of a study on the economic aspects of various models for the provision of wheelchairs in Tajikistan. The study was conducted under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Republic of Tajikistan and with technical support from the WHO Country Office, Tajikistan. The study was finalized in consultation with Tajik users of wheelchairs, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and international experts on wheelchair production and provision, and made use of national and international evidence on the provision of wheelchairs to inform the analysis and develop evidence-based policy options. While the study focuses on the Tajik context and its aspirations to expand in-country production of wheelchairs, its approach and findings will also be of interest to other countries in a similar situation and to other interested stakeholders.”

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