Physical and Functional Rehabilitation

Publication date 1 June 2013 Category
  • Physical activity
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation
Publishing organisation Handicap International

Rehabilitation services are still the poor relations of health care systems, often orphans, stuck between Ministries of Health and Social Welfare, or forgotten, receiving international funding that is still woefully inadequate for the challenges to be met and the ever-increasing number of people needing technical support and follow-up (patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, victims of traffic accidents or armed violence, etc.). States and the international community must understand and surmount the challenges of providing essential, continuing lifelong care.

This document presents the physical and functional rehabilitation-specific challenges, principles and recommendations for Handicap International. Above all, it sets out the overall framework within which the theoretical underpinnings of the Rehabilitation Services Unit are applied; the primary objective is to ensure consistency between the association’s mandate and the implementation, in its programmes, of projects falling within the unit’s scope of activities.

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