Minimum technical standards and recommendations for rehabilitation in emergency medical teams

Publication date 2 April 2016 Category
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency
  • Medical Teams
  • Rehabilitation
  • Technical Standards
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

This document is the result of collaboration between a working group of rehabilitation experts convened by WHO and external consultations. It is thus based on collective experience in rehabilitation during responses to recent large-scale emergencies and also on published data. In time, the minimum standards for rehabilitation in emergencies will be part of a broader series of publications based on the Classification and minimum standards for foreign medical teams in sudden onset disaster. The purpose of this document is to EMTs (formerly known as “foreign medical teams”) on building or strengthening their capacity for and work in rehabilitation within defined coordination mechanisms. The standards and recommendations given in this document will ensure that EMTs, both national and international, will better prevent patient complications and ensuing impairment and ensure a continuum of care beyond their departure from the affected area.

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