Making it Work: Good practices for disability-inclusive development and humanitarian action

Publication date 1 September 2015 Category
  • GESI
  • Disability
  • Inclusion
Publishing organisation Handicap International Federation

Making it Work takes a unique and innovative approach to effect social and political change by, and for, people with disabilities. Instead of pinpointing Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) violations and what is not working, Making it Work shifts focus to what has worked and how it can be replicated or ‘scaled-up’. The methodology is based on documenting evidence of good practice and analysing it to draw up constructive, practical recommendations for decision-makers, service providers and other development or humanitarian stakeholders. This process of building upon existing expertise and innovation is particularly effective in countries where resources are limited.

The guideline is primarily intended for organisations and all those promoting the full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in society. This refers notably to Disabled People’s Organisations, none-disability and disability-focused NGOs. However, the concept of identifying, documenting and building on existing good practice can be applied to almost any setting/organisational strategy. The guideline is intended to give an overview of how Making it Work can be used and support stakeholders with guidance on implementation.