Let’s communicate : a handbook for people working with children with communication difficulties

Publication date 1 January 1997 Category
  • Communication
  • Children
  • Communication
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

The manual includes information on general aspects of communication including its normal development and the early identification of difficulties.  There are comprehensive sections on assessment and goal planning including suggestions of practical activity ideas.  The manual looks in detail at five of the most common causes of communication impairment; mental handicap, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, multiple disability and special difficulties with speech.

This manual is intended for mid-level rehabilitation workers who are involved in helping children with communication difficulties and their parents.  However, it can be useful for health and education workers at any level.

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Section 1 – Communication

Section 2 – Assessment

Section 3 – Goal Planning

Section 4 – Mental Handicap

Section 5 – Cerebral Palsy

Section 6 – Hearing Impairment

Section 7 – Multiple Disability

Section 8 – Special Difficulties with Speech

Section 9 – Play

Section 10 – Communicating in Everyday Situations

Section 11 – Working in Groups

Section 12 – Linking with Education