Community-based rehabilitation: CBR guidelines – Supplementary Booklet

Publication date 1 January 2010 Category
  • Rehabilitation
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation
Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

These community-based rehabilitation (CBR) guidelines are applicable to all disability groups. However, the need was identified for a supplementary booklet to highlight a number of issues which CBR programmes have historically overlooked, i.e. mental health problems, HIV/AIDS, leprosy and humanitarian crises. These issues may have been overlooked for a number of reasons. Originally, CBR programmes focused on issues that were seen as high priorities at the time, e.g. poliomyelitis and other communicable diseases, while the involvement of many professional groups, e.g. physical therapists in the implementation of CBR programmes resulted in a strong focus on physical impairment. Today however the focus and concerns are different; CBR managers may lack knowledge and confidence about how best to address new issues in their programmes, while stigma and discrimination continue to be associated with many of the issues.

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