Broadening Horizons

Publication date 17 June 2021 Category
  • Health Systems
  • Health Systems
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Publishing organisation World Health Organisation

This strategic plan focuses on strengthening the six building blocks of health systems. While these areas of work – health service delivery, the health workforce, health information systems, access to essential medicines, health systems financing, and leadership and governance and beyond. This strategic plan lays out the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research’s objectives and commitments in the next five-year period.

The aim is to promote the generation and use of health policy and systems research as a means to strengthen the health systems of LMICs – the objectives are:

  • Objective 1: Stimulate the generation and synthesis of policy-relevant health systems knowledge, encompassing evidence, tools and methods
  • Objective 2: Promote the dissemination and use of health policy and systems knowledge to improve the performance of health systems
  • Objective 3: Facilitate the development of capacity for the generation, dissemination and use of HPSR knowledge among researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders