About the ReLAB-HS rehabilitation resource repository

This rehabilitation resource repository has been developed as part of the Learning, Acting and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) project. This website seeks to support workforce development through providing and maintaining a single, easy to use, comprehensive, open and searchable repository of high quality, evidence based publications created by the many organisations and stakeholders who are working to support the global rehabilitation community. These publications are discovered, evaluated and selected from various sources from around the world before being added to this expanding repository of resources. A public submission form also allows additional publications to be entered into this evaluation and selection process.

Resource inclusion criteria:

  • Relevant to one or more rehabilitation professions and other rehabilitation related health systems stakeholders.
  • Free to access and is not subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Includes only interventions, policies and guidelines that are supported by high quality evidence and display references where appropriate.


ReLAB-HS is a global initiative Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that is focused on the development of health systems that are responsive to the growing needs for rehabilitation within populations within low income and conflict affected countries. ReLAB-HS focuses on integrating rehabilitation and assistive technology services across all levels of care within health systems. The ReLAB-HS consortium comprises six international partners with expertise in health systems, implementation science, and delivery innovations.

Other rehabilitation related databases

There are many online databases available that provide access to resources relevant to rehabilitation professionals. An up to date list of these databases is maintained on the Other rehabilitation related databases page.